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Here we go! New time, new place.

My previous blogging efforts have ended in reckless abandon, but this time it's going to be different.

What inspired me to bog again, you ask.

This answer is long and complicated, so I'll begin by complaining about the weather. It's snowing. More acuarately, it's snow_storming! I am trapped -- a drive from any town or city -- and losing precious hours to procrastination.

What should I be doing? You ask.

Uh, writing? Researching? Or perhaps, reading? I answer warily. Which is what I was doing online when I came across an article in The Globe and Mail that both enraged and saddened me. The story described a new rat boutique where researchers can go to shop for various breeds of rats for laboratory purposes. The article lists several breeds, which have been genetically altered to simulate human diseases such as Parkinson's. The news challenged my weak, yet undying, hope that human beings will stop tinkering with nature before it's too late.

So, in a feeble attempt to locate others - locally and globally - that share similar views and feel as helpless as I do - I've decided to blog again. Plus, my friends are tired of my endless ranting.

But I also like to entertain, and I am currently working on a new web site, which will be up soon. Promise.

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